Stator Winding Elements


The slot-type sensors are used to measure the temperature of large motors and generators.


These sensors are installed inside the coils of the generator or motor as appropriate.

Its construction is based on a platinum wire coiled into a fiberglass substrate, which is lodged into a case of the same material. This set is externally protected by an epoxy resin layer.


The Slot sensor construction technology allows protection against measuring errors by induced voltages, good resistance to electric shocks, and high dielectric insulation. These sensors are usually available in the most diverse dimension as, in general, they are manufactured in compliance with each user’s specifications.

The main applications for our stator winding sensors are:

-Hydropower generators

-Wind power generator

- General-purpose control systems


We can offer sensors with geometry from a few millimeters to several meters long. The design is flexible, we are able to provide different ohmic values, calibration points, cabling, and tolerance classes.


The quality policy of Sensor Technology aims to increase its participation in the world market of platinum temperature sensors, offering the best solutions in care and products, through:

  • prompt service to its customers;

  • the continuous generation of profit to its shareholders;

  • reduction of costs;

  • continuous improvement of their processes;

  • the use of raw materials from qualified suppliers;

  • recognition and development of its employees.