Element Sensors

We are leaders in the global platinum sensor market, based on CWW (Ceramic Wire Wound) technology, as well as the distribution to Latin America of Thin Film sensors (flat film technology) made in Germany.
We export innovation through our products, services, and technical solutions to more than 30 countries located in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Our company distributes quartz products such as tubes, plates, profiles, ingots, and bars.
Sensor Technology aims to grow its business through a policy of quality and excellence providing the best services to its global customers, through innovation, services, and high technology products.

The quality policy of Sensor Technology aims to increase its participation in the world market of platinum temperature sensors, offering the best solutions in care and products, through:

  • prompt service to its customers;

  • the continuous generation of profit to its shareholders;

  • reduction of costs;

  • continuous improvement of their processes;

  • the use of raw materials from qualified suppliers;

  • recognition and development of its employees.

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