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Element Sensors

One of the most used physical properties for temperature measurement is the increase in resistance as a function of temperature. The sensors that use this property are called RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors) or thermoresistances. Materials with such property and which are most used in the manufacture of temperature sensors are: platinum (Pt), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu) and some semiconductors.

For over 100 years, because of its high purity and its very special physical-chemical characteristics, platinum has been used as the best base material for temperature sensors. Sensors using this precious metal contemplate almost ideally the necessary requirements for a perfect and reliable operation for any years in service.


Among advantages in the use of platinum as sensor material we can point out its high stability, repeatability and the possibility to operate on a quite linear way within an extensive operating range (-200°C to +850°C and may reach +1.000°C in some special instances).

The quality policy of Sensor Technology aims to increase its participation in the world market of platinum temperature sensors, offering the best solutions in care and products, through:

  • prompt service to its customers;

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  • the use of raw materials from qualified suppliers;

  • recognition and development of its employees.

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