Sensor Technology is located in Diadema, in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. Our company was created in 1989, at that time, as a division of Heraeus Electro-Nite Brazil. It became specialized in the research, development, and production of temperature sensors with platinum technology based on a solid experience of more than 100 years. That experience was initially acquired when the company belonged to the German Group Heraeus Holding.

In March 2011, Sensor Technology became an independent company, keeping its excellence in terms of quality and world-class services.

We are leaders in the global platinum sensors market, based on the CWW (Ceramic Wire Wound) technology, as well as in the distribution to Latin America of Thin Film sensors (flat film technology) manufactured in Germany.

Sensor Technology is a company without borders: it exports innovation through its products, services and technical solutions to more than 30 countries located in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

In addition to the temperature element sensors, Sensor Technology also distributes other products in Brazil and Latin America. Our company distributes quartz products such as tubes, plates, profiles, ingots and bars.

Sensor Technology aims at growing its business throughout a policy of quality and excellence providing the best services to its global customers, by the means of innovation, services and high tech products.



Introduction of slot-type sensors for large generators and electric motors up to 3m in length on the world market.


Commercialization of noble metal wires for type S, R and B thermocouples in the Latin American market.


Development and launch on the global market of the EW element. This element can be used as a micro heater and also as an extremely accurate temperature sensor in the electronics of air and gas flow meters.


Richard KÜch of Heraeus invents in Germany the first platinum resistance thermometer


Development of Platinum temperature sensors in ceramic insulation


It was created the RTD Division at Heraeus Electro-Nite. It started up the "Project 2000" (manufacturing of CWW RTDs)


The RTD Division becames an independent legal entity. It's founded the Company Heraeus Sensor-Nite, Brazil


The company changes its name to Heraeus Sensor Technology Brazil


It is created the Calibration Laboratoy HST Brazil


Development and production of the platinum reference thermometer SP-H01


Development of mini PRTD elements (0,8 and 0,5 mm diameter) at HST Brazil


It's finalized the process MBO from the Heraeus Group. The company becoms Sensor Technology Ltda.


Our mission is to excel in the global technology market by integrating innovative solutions to our customers.


Our goal is to be a reference company in the global sensors markets, recognized by our customers as the best option through innovation, quality of our products, technological solutions and services.


Our company incorporates the values of ethical conduct, transparency, social responsibility and respect for customers, suppliers, people and the environment into all aspects of our business. These standards will be achieved through teamwork with a focus on results and forward-thinking, ensuring the sustainability of the company.

The quality policy of Sensor Technology aims to increase its participation in the world market of platinum temperature sensors, offering the best solutions in care and products, through:

  • prompt service to its customers;

  • the continuous generation of profit to its shareholders;

  • reduction of costs;

  • continuous improvement of their processes;

  • the use of raw materials from qualified suppliers;

  • recognition and development of its employees.

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